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A Gender Question

Posted by on January 16, 2014

Recently, my husband told me of an attempted break-in at a co-worker’s home. The co-worker’s wife was up early, way before dawn, when shehandonwindow heard a curious scratching sound. She went to investigate and discovered someone trying to break into the house. Fortunately, she managed to scare them away (there were actually two people involved), but hubby and I wondered at the possibility of that happening in a neighborhood close to ours.

In the ensuing discussion, my husband voiced his concern over someone getting into our detached garage and stealing his bikes or his tools. I, on the other hand, was more concerned about someone getting into the house and attacking me.

So, now I’m wondering if our different thought patterns are the result of gender differences. I’d gladly give a burglar anything he wanted as long as he left me alone. Is that because as a woman, I feel more vulnerable to assault? Or does my nurturing nature more value on human life than on possessions? Was my husband thinking like a man–protecting the things he’s spent his life earning and acquiring? Was he less concerned about a physical attack because he’d have a better chance of defending himself?

Or was it simply a personal difference? Fear is something I struggle with, while Hubby assumes my safety and simply values what he’s worked hard to attain.

What do you think?


Image courtesy of and hyena realty

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6 Responses to A Gender Question

  1. Ernie

    My guess is that the detached garage is, in his POV not protected by him even if he is home. Inside the house he would be able to “do” something about the intrusion.

  2. Lisa Godfrees

    That’s funny. I worry about someone attacking me in our detached garage. LOL But yes, men are more capable of defending themselves, but he probably worries about you as well.

    • Mary Hamilton

      I really wasn’t concerned that he didn’t seem worried about me. It was just the fact that he thought of possessions ahead of personal safety, whether himself or me.

  3. lynellenperry

    I’m bet if you rephrase the question as “what are your thoughts about someone trying to break into the house while i’m home alone” his priorities would be different. He’s probably assuming that no one is home.

    • Mary Hamilton

      You’re probably right. Since we were discussing this particular event that happened while they were home, I assumed a similar event. He probably thought in more general terms. Good catch!

I welcome your thoughts on this.