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A Moving Experience

Posted by on January 9, 2015

“We’re moving.”

That phrase became a reality this past Monday after weeks of culling and purging and organizing. Hubby made at least 8 trips to Goodwill, and we considered a generous tip for the garbage men who’ve hauled away much more than our usual amount of trash. Even with all our sorting and tossing, all our worldly belongings nearly filled the moving van. And watching all your belongings drive away is a bit heart-stopping.

Packing up 18 years of memories isn’t easy. Is it odd that my husband was more nostalgic than I was?

On Tuesday, we arrived at the rental house and discovered a mix-up with the gas company meant we’d have no heat on a night that was supposed to drop to 32 degrees. Even the dog was shivering. We (I) quickly decided to spend a warm, cozy night at the local LaQuinta Inn. The next day, the movers arrived, along with the gas company. Ahhh!

I thought I’d share with you the thoughts that have been running through my head as I unpack and organize and get used to a new (temporary) home:

There should be a rule that any vacant residence must have at least one roll of toilet paper in each bathroom before it can be rented or sold.

When I’ve unpacked a box, why does the paper used for packing fill the box to overflowing? Is the moving company in cahoots with the paper company?

Where are the bed linens?

Did they really need to wrap an unopened package of toilet paper in three sheets of paper? Were they worried it might break? Someone in the moving company must own stock in the paper company.

Where are the plates?

And the utensils?

Nothing fits. Anywhere.

Where are the light bulbs?

Why is the storm siren going off at 9:30 p.m. under a clear sky? Maybe they’re celebrating 32 degrees?

Where are the bed linens? The plates? The utensils? And the light bulbs?

I’ve never lived in a house with a bathroom chandelier. Until now.

I’m loving this adventure!


Have you moved once, twice, or a jillion times? What do you remember most about moving?

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10 Responses to A Moving Experience

  1. Terri Wangard

    I have lived in this house since 1991. That’s the longest I’ve ever been in one place. Just the thought of packing is exhausting.

  2. Janetta

    Love your moving story. We’ve never used a moving company, but finding things after a move is always a challenge. Blessing on your new adventure.

    • Mary Hamilton

      Janetta, after this move, my goal is to pare down as much as possible. Not sure I could do what you’re doing, but it would be really nice to “travel” as light as you!

  3. Gingers219

    I’m with you on wrapping weird stuff well. Once when we moved, my plastic stuff was all individually wrapped, but some other breakable stuff had just been thrown into a box with a few spare pieces of paper. On that same move, we “lost” a box of rechargeable batteries, and had a chair leg go through the upholstery on the back of the matching couch. If your stuff made it safely, feel blessed. 🙂
    Use the humongous amounts of paper for crafts. 🙂 It’s usually good for several art projects for little ones. You could donate it to a daycare (or the like), if it’s not too crumpled. My kids loved drawing on it.
    Of course, since this is a temporary residence, save the boxes (and probably some of the paper).
    I’m happy you made it safely even if you can find everything yet.

    • Mary Hamilton

      Great ideas for the paper, Ginger. We are trying to flatten and save it and the boxes. And I’m thankful everything made it intact. On our last move, we “lost” our artificial Christmas tree and a set of golf clubs. I hope someone’s enjoying them somewhere!

  4. debgarland

    LIke you, each move held excitement and adventure! What was God going to do in this place? What new opportunities awaited us here? And with every move, we became better packers, taking fewer trips than the move before in our two small cars. Love Julie’s “think outside the box” comment!

  5. juliebcosgrove

    In the frequent mover category, I have learned to love the unpacking. Each item is cherished because I chose to keep it, pack it and move it. I pray a lot as so often they remind me of a memory, a person, or God. Plus, its fresh and new once again…like Christmas present unwrapping multiplied. Enjoy. It will fit…you just have to think outside the box…literally. What was always in the living room may now be perfect somewhere else.

    • Mary Hamilton

      Julie, I’ve had the same thought that its like unwrapping Christmas gifts. I’m having fun with it for the most part. And I love your perspective that each item is cherished because you chose to keep it. When my daughter packed up the few things left in her room to be moved, she put a sticky note on the box that read, “Woo Hoo! We’ve been chosen to move!”

I welcome your thoughts on this.