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Camp map

Rustic Knoll Bible Camp is roughly based on Lutherdale Bible Camp in Wisconsin.I grew up at Lutherdale. My dad was director and we lived on the grounds all year round for almost 20 years. What an awesome place to grow up! Summers meant swimming, boating and sports activities, campfires and lots of kids all the time.

You can see the boys’ cabins up in the banner image. Check out these pictures for other scenes that inspired the setting for Hear No Evil.

     Dining hall                Chapel

  Campfire site                            Girls’ cabins

 steps to Boat Dock  

        Lake view and beach       

Winters at the camp were quiet except for weekends, when campers arrived for retreats. As soon as the lake froze over, there’d be ice skating and tobogganing. The dining hall sat at the top of a steep hill and at the bottom was the lake. A chute for the toboggans started near the dining hall and emptied out onto the frozen lake. We’d spray the chute bed with water at night so it would freeze. If the ice on the lake was smooth, the toboggans would speed out of the chute and almost make it across the bay before slowing to a stop.

  Summer view of toboggan chute from the top

  Starting point                 Looking up the chute


Do these photos bring back any memories of your camp experiences? I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment on the blog page and tell me about it.

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