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Everything Good

Posted by on February 4, 2015

My dog has taught me more than a few things about my relationship with God. Recently, a verse in the Psalms reminded me of another lesson.

Rudy had been found as a stray when we adopted him. There’s no way of knowing his background, but two trainers I worked with said some of his behaviors were consistent with past abuse. He’s the only dog I’ve ever known who doesn’t get excited at the word, “Walk.” In those first six months, I was lucky if he made it to the end of the driveway before sitting down and refusing to go any further.

One trainer got him walking, and his advice to me was to quit putting food in Rudy’s bowl for a while. Instead, I was to feed him by hand. I could feed him while he walked with me, while we played together, or while sitting quietly. But every piece of food he received was to come from my hand. “He needs to learn that everything good comes from you.”

That trainer’s words came to mind when I read Psalm 16:2, “I said to the Lord, ‘You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.'” James 1:17 agrees that “every good and perfect gift comes from above.” How often am I fearful of the future, afraid that God will lead me down a path I don’t want to travel, where something might hurt me? Like Rudy, I need to learn that everything good comes from my Master. Yes, there will be scary times and some experiences are likely to hurt. But just like I would never leave Rudy to face those things alone, neither will my Lord allow me to walk the valleys, even under the shadow of death, without Him by my side. I can trust Him in spite of my fears, because everything good comes from Him.

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10 Responses to Everything Good

  1. Kelly Goshorn

    Great post, Mary!

  2. Anonymous

    I love your analogy also about dogs. A small glimpse of receiving God’s unconditional love. Fear is such a weakness of mine. I, like Rudy, constantly have to remind myself at those times i need to look for God’s word to feed me. Not always easy, but i know that when I do, my trust and faith in God walks me through my fearful situation. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Mary Hamilton

      You’re welcome. I’m so glad you found it helpful. I tend to be on the fearful side, too, and it only gets worse as I get older. So glad we have an all-powerful God on our side!

  3. Charise Olson

    I’m a dog person too. This was lovely.

  4. juliebcosgrove

    Wonderful analogy. Thanks for this insight, Mary. I will reblog.

  5. Megan Lee

    This is beautiful! I wrote a similar thought a few months ago about my dogs. I love the analogy of feeding by hand, thereby giving the dog the idea that all good things come from you. That really is the image we should have when we think of our Father. Thanks for that.

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