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God Sees

Posted by on February 20, 2015


The news isn’t good.

ISIS atrocities continue, seemingly unstoppable. Police are under attack for unwarranted brutality. Winter blasts keep coming with extreme cold and lots of snow. Marriages are crumbling. Drug abuse claims more and more victims.

Ever wonder…is God even paying attention? Doesn’t He see what’s going on?

Trust me. He sees. He knows.

Jehovah RoiRemember Hagar, Sarai’s maid turned concubine? A slave, taken from her home country to live a nomadic life. We aren’t told what kind of relationship she and Sarai had before Hagar was given to Abraham in hopes of fulfilling God’s promise of an heir. It seems reasonable to think there were some hard feelings to begin with. Why else would Hagar mock Sarai’s inability to conceive when it becomes obvious the problem can’t be blamed on Abraham? Sarai’s resentment boils over into beatings for the slightest misstep. If Hagar doesn’t leave, she’s likely to lose the baby. Doesn’t this God of Abraham know what’s going on here? Doesn’t he see?

Oh, yes. He sees. He knows. And when Hagar turned around and headed back to the camp of Abraham and Sarai, she knew Him as Jehovah Roi, the God who sees.

Last month as I contemplated the first anniversary of my mother’s passing into eternal life, I received a call from my sister. Her ovarian cancer had become active again. During the four years she was in remission, I’d watched a friend from church lose her battle with the same enemy. My mind tried to ignore the possibility, but a weight lay heavy on my heart that week.


Until an acquaintance let me know she was led to pray for me. I’ve never met this lady in person. I know only that she’s a fellow author with my publisher, and from her Facebook page, I know her to be a prayer warrior. I’ve seen her prayers for others, but this time, she was praying for me. Privately, I thanked her and told her about my sister’s cancer. She said she’d sensed it was something other than our common interest in writing. Jehovah Roi.

Ever had someone compliment you to someone else? For some reason, it means more than coming straight from someone’s lips. That’s how it felt to know God saw the burden on my heart. He didn’t just let me know He cared. He let someone else in on the secret, someone who had no possible way of knowing my thoughts and emotions. The message was clear. “I see. I know.”

Are you in a place like that today, wondering if God knows what you’re going through? Does He see what’s happening?

Trust me. He sees. He knows.

Trust Him. Jehovah Roi.


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6 Responses to God Sees

  1. Anonymous

    My prayers go out for your sister’s complete healing.
    Thanks for sharing the reading!

  2. Megan Whitson Lee

    Thank you. I needed to read this today.

  3. lillkohler

    Wonderful post.

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