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I’m Already Here

Posted by on April 1, 2015

Kids have a knack for speaking truth in all innocence.

Years ago when our kids were young, a job change meant we had to leave the house we’d come to love, the neighborhood where friends lived, and the place where so many sweet memories were made. In time, we settled into a new environment, made new friends and grew accustomed to life in a different place.

One evening, at supper, Hubby tested the idea of another job transfer, another move. There was a moment of silence before our seven-year-old daughter explained why she wasn’t crazy about moving again.

“It’s just that, I’m already here.”

We laughed, but realized she’d summed up perfectly what we all felt. “I’m already here” has become a family phrase we use to describe a place of settledness and contentment.

It’s where I find myself this Holy Week as I remember the cross. The forgiveness purchased there. Too many times, my mind travels back to old mistakes, old sins. Things I wish I’d done differently. Things I wish I could forget, because remembering brings up old guilt and shame.

That’s when I remember the cross. I remember I don’t need to hold onto the guilt and shame, because Jesus took them from me and carried them for me–through crowded, dusty streets all the way to Golgotha, to the cross.

I’m not moving from the foot of that cross, because I’m already here.

God’s richest blessings to you as you celebrate Resurrection Day.




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