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Photo Friday

Posted by on August 2, 2013

The bell tower I wrote about yesterday anchors a plaza where bricks have been placed in memory of Dad and others who supported Lutherdale. But someone had a sense of humor, because mixed in with the memorial bricks is one that says:

brick 1


And across the plaza is another brick that reads:

2013-07-22 09.46.45


I love a good sense of humor.

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6 Responses to Photo Friday

  1. Regina Smeltzer

    Mary, I went to Round Lake Christian Assembly every summer during my youth, and as an adult I worked there many summers as the camp nurse. One of my funniest memories is when some of the more rowdy campers hung the dean’s under-shorts on the flag pole. Like your dad, the dean was the first one up to ring the bell and awaken the camp. The boys were hidden to watch as he discovered their mischief.

    Regina Smeltzer

    • Mary Hamilton

      Aw, yes, the old short up the flagpole trick. We had many of those, too, although it was usually a counselor’s underwear that made it up there. Thanks for stopping by and reminiscing with me!

  2. Anonymous

    What fun. I know you are thrilled to see so much of the camp just as it was when your Dad was there.
    What interesting and fun memories you have. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tom

    Don’t know who did it, but I like him/her! Too funny!

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