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Wondering about the house where Elaine stayed while hiding from someone who wanted to silence her?

The pictures aren’t very good quality, but this is the house I envisioned. It was one we looked at when we first moved to the area and were looking to buy a home. It was a very unusual house, but the inside indeed had been completely updated and remodeled. And there was a beautiful large back yard with some very old oak trees and a small pond at the very back of the property.

I went back to look at the house while I was writing Pendant and was glad to see that whoever bought it had updated and remodeled the outside. It looks very different now, very pretty.

This would’ve been the first view Elaine had of the house.

This is from the other side. And below is the walk up to the front door. As you can see, the house did not present a very appealing first impression.

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A dear friend passed away recently, and as I reflected on our friendship, I found myself needing to express how much she influenced me over the many years I’ve known her. She left behind a beautiful legacy of faith and love, humor and good books. I hope you’ll read about one of the ladies to whom Pendant is dedicated.

One Woman’s Legacy

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