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Welcome to my imaginary world, where it’s always a beautiful, Midwest summer day. Come along and enjoy that gentle breezeAlt. headshot that rustles the leaves on the maple trees. Sniff  that  clean, fresh air.  Watch how the bright sun drops sparkling light jewels onto the lake. Spread your blanket under a shady tree, or just lie back on the soft, green grass. Listen to the bird songs, and watch fluffy clouds sail along under a baby blue sky.

This is the setting for my Rustic Knoll Bible Camp series. Rustic Knoll–where kids bring their baggage to camp and learn how to carry it.

If you’ve ever been to summer camp, you’ll enjoy these stories of kids who arrive at camp with real life problems. Divorce and remarriage, rejection, bullying, jealousy and anger, physical handicaps, pornography, death of a parent or loved one….

For many young people, summer camp is the place where they experienced the reality of God and His son, Jesus Christ. Among all the swimming and cabin pranks and other activities, camp can be a transformational event in the life of teens. Whether you’ve been to camp, or have always wanted to go,  The Rustic Knoll Bible Camp series will take you there, entertain and inspire you.

Let me personally welcome you to Rustic Knoll. Enjoy! And if you care to connect with me, I’d love to hear from you.

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Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your visit to Rustic Knoll and come back often!



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