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Cell Phones Say the Darnedest Things

Posted by on January 30, 2015

If you’re old enough to know who Art Linkletter was, you may recall the portion of his television show when he would interview children. Their unexpected responses to his questions–often about their parents and families–never failed to make the audience laugh, sometimes to the point of tears.

If Art Linkletter were alive today, I think he’d be collecting “auto-corrected” text messages. How many times have we hit the send button, only to realize our phone has a mind of its own when it comes to communicating? I wrote about this earlier, but since then, I’ve collected a few humorous examples.

Have you ever texted one of your kids while you’re in the same house? One night I texted my son (who was upstairs playing a video game) to see if he wanted to go out to eat. He asked if we could wait a bit until he finished the game. I typed in “No hurry,” but the message he received was “On guppy.” What??

When my daughter texted me with some disappointing news, I typed in “Augh!” My phone added an L to make it, “Laugh!” Totally inappropriate.

Another time, I was typing the name of a camp that uses the old Spanish name for Texas. Instead of Camp Tejas, my phone thought I meant, “Camp Hyenas.” Hmmm.

Hubby likes to send the kids updates on whatever we happen to be doing at the moment. One night, as he watched me trying to coax our old dog outside to do his business one last time before we went to bed, he texted the kids, “Every night Mom tries to get Rudy to go out and pee.” You can imagine their surprise when they received this message: “Every night, Mom tries to get ready to go out and pee.”

Cell phones say darnedest things!


Have you been embarrassed or entertained by the things your cell phone has said? Leave a comment and let us know. We could all use a laugh!


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