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That Still Small Voice

Posted by on August 5, 2015

sw_Listening_sa209430Was there a time when God spoke to you? When you clearly knew that idea did not come from your own brain? Or are you one of the skeptics who has never heard God’s voice and doubt anyone else has either?

I can recall twice when I clearly “heard” God speak. Both times, it was a gentle correction. Not an audible voice, but rather a sentence fully formed communicated to my brain that completely contradicted what my own thoughts had focused on.

The first time was during a rough spot in my marriage, when I mistakenly believed I didn’t need my husband anymore. I enjoyed rehearsing that thought. “I don’t need him. I can get along just fine without him. I don’t need him.” God must’ve tired of hearing that awful refrain, because one day, He spoke. I don’t need you either, but I choose to love you.

Gulp. Ouch!

Another time, I was admiring another woman’s ability to speak and to teach. I don’t recall feeling jealous–merely a wish that I could be as confident and poised. Again came that gentle rebuke. Don’t be afraid to be who I’ve made you to be.

Who else but our Lord could correct in such a way that one feels the depth of love more than the rebuke?

I’m convinced God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit more often than we know. But we must train our hearts and minds to listen. He doesn’t always speak in such a direct or recognizable manner. I rarely hear Him during times of prayer, but rather when I’m engaged in some activity. Sometimes, it’s almost like a whisper that I have to stop and maybe even backtrack to make sure I heard.

It takes practice to learn to identify that still small voice. To learn to distinguish between His voice and the call of our own desires. I’m still working on the voice recognition, especially for guidance and direction. More often, I have to work on the obedience aspect. But I’ve discovered one telltale sign. The Lord’s voice is never harsh or condemning. He may not say what I want to hear, as in my first example. But it will always be couched in terms of love and affirmation.

Because honestly, who else could correct in a way that makes you feel such depth of love more than the rebuke?


I’d love to hear your stories of when you’ve heard the voice of God in your life. Leave a comment and let’s chat!

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6 Responses to That Still Small Voice

  1. Jessica White

    I have a love/hate relationship with how often I hear from the Lord. Most recently, it was about how much “I” there was in my plans. He reminded me that everything I set my hand to without Him will only count in this life, temporal success and pleasure is so fleeting. I’d rather be yoked with Him and sow and reap eternal success and pleasures.

    • Mary Hamilton

      Been there, Jessica! Except He had to kick out all my supports to get my attention when “I” became the center of my attention.

  2. Annette O'Hare

    God spoke to me through my (at the time) six year old son. It was a life changing experience. I knew without a doubt that it was the voice of God. He’s amazing!

  3. lillkohler

    I heard His voice tell me to write a book…and I didn’t even read much at that time. A real Noah moment.

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